What is Lifestyle?

The Lifestyle strategies are for members who want their individual account to follow a pre-set investment approach. In the Lifestyle strategies, the money in your individual account will automatically move between funds, according to how long you have until your Target Retirement Age . As your investments change automatically, you don’t need to manage the mix of investments yourself.

The Lifestyle strategies give you choice over how you use your individual account at retirement. At your Target Retirement Age , you can take up to 25% of your individual account as tax-free cash, and use the remainder to choose one (or a mix) of these options. More information on the different options can be found below.

The New Lifestyle strategies: What’s new?

The New Lifestyle Strategies have changed how the investment strategies switch between funds throughout your Plan membership, in order to improve the expected risk and return profile. The changes also mean the fund charges paid at each point in the Lifestyle are different from the current strategies. To learn more about what has changed, and to compare the New Lifestyle Strategies with the existing Lifestyle Strategies, you can view the comparison sheets below:




Financial advice

It’s very important to take financial advice, especially with matters that will affect your retirement. For a full list of resources available to you regarding your pension decisions, head to the Useful resources page of the site.