How do I join?

Most new employees joining Sky are put into the Plan automatically because they meet certain criteria. This is a legal requirement and is known as automatic enrolment. We have to put you in the Plan (if you meet the criteria), and tell you we have done so, within three months of you joining Sky, or within three months of you meeting the criteria.

The criteria are: 

  • You are aged between 22 and State Pension age 
  • You earn more than £10,000 a year 
  • You work in the UK

If you haven’t been put in the Plan automatically, because you don’t meet the criteria, you can still choose to join. It’s easy to do: simply click on the pension tile on Sky Benefits and follow the instructions. 

You can choose to leave the Plan, but you should think carefully about doing so, as you’ll miss out on valuable contributions from Sky (paid in addition to your salary) as well as potential savings in tax and National Insurance.

Click here to find out more about leaving the plan