Who runs the Plan

As well as you, there are three groups involved in the running of the Sky Subscribers Services Limited Retirement and Death Benefits Plan: the Trustees, Buck (the Plan administrator and adviser) and Sky.

The Trustees

The Trustees are a group of employees who take responsibility for ensuring the Plan is run properly. They’re responsible for ensuring the Plan meets legislation but they are not responsible for your individual account.

The current Trustees are: Tanya Richards (Chair of the Trustees), Denise Allan, Lucy Carver, Monica Patki, John Rankin, Robert Spencer-Taylor, Richard Thurston and Bella Vuillermoz.

The Trustees are required to produce a Summary Funding Statement setting out the Plan Actuary’s most recent update on the funding position of the Sky Pension Plan.

This funding statement is needed because some members of the Plan have a Guaranteed Minimum Pension underpin.

Value for Members
The Trustees are committed to ensuring that the Plan represents value for members (“VfM”) (i.e. the costs and charges deducted from members’ pots and contributions paid provide good value in relation to the benefits and services provided by on or behalf of the Plan) when compared to pension schemes of a similar size and structure. You can see the outcome of the latest VfM assessment in the Annual Statement by the Chair of Trustees.


Buck are the Plan’s advisers and administrators, who support Sky and the Trustees in the running of the Plan. Buck are your contact for any questions about the Plan.


Your contributions are paid by Sky to Buck from the payroll. Buck then invest the money for you, with the aim of building up your individual account.

Sky pays all of the costs involved in running the Plan, including consultancy, administration and insurances. You pay the Annual Management Charge to the investment managers who run the funds. The charge is taken directly from your individual account by the investment managers.