Why should I join?

Saving for your future has never been more important. People are living longer, spending more, and are less able to rely on the State Pension to support them in retirement. As it stands, today the most you can get from the State Pension is £175.20 per week.

The purpose of saving for a pension is to provide you with money to replace your salary. There are other ways you can save for your future but, if you join the Sky Pension Plan, Sky put money in too, money you wouldn’t otherwise get. Also, because of the way the Plan is set up, you benefit from paying less tax and National Insurance. This means that saving with the Sky Pension Plan could be a better choice.

I have been a member of the pension Plan ever since I joined Sky back in 2008. At a young age my dad used to tell me that it was massively important to start paying into a pension plan as early as possible. Being young I just thought he didn’t know what he was talking about! 

Looking at it now I am really happy that I listened to him as you never think that far ahead. But actually, with all the speculation regarding the State Pension, it is really important to me that I look after my own and my family’s future. That’s why I’m happy now that I did join the Sky Pension Plan. The Plan is so valuable because when you retire this becomes your main source of income, and if you haven’t saved enough then life would be a real struggle in your later years. It is important to invest in your own future so that when you do retire, you can enjoy a lifestyle similar to what you had while you were working.